The concept behind the labels

MiniMills was founded by Dhrooti Mills with a philosophy of "rescue, rediscover, revive" - creatively upcycling once loved items and refashioning them into something new and unique.

Dhrooti's background is in the fashion industry, having designed knitwear for some of the biggest names on the high street. Over the last few years, in between freelance work and having children, her creative streak was maintained by designing and making items for her own young daughters, and family and friends - inspired by her love of all things old and vintage and her belief in reusing materials.

MiniMills was created in the Spring of 2009, in order to take this concept further by showcasing to a wider audience. Later that year products for womenswear and the home were added under her label Mills&Bloom which previously had incorporated her garden design service.

The MiniMills and Mills&Bloom ranges are constantly growing and evolving and now include the best selling wing-tops, ponchos, arm/wristwarmers and baby blankets. The products are lovingly crafted by hand to bring the ideas and design to life. They aim to use as many elements that are reused or recycled from various sources with the aim to ensure that no two items are exactly the same, wherever possible.

MiniMills/Mills&Bloom is happy to take orders or talk about special commissions. Most products made are featured on the flickr photostream should you wish to enquire about anything in particular.

Keep an eye out for latest postings on this blog about new products, fayres/shows, and "focus on..." on each product.