Monday, 26 September 2011

Been to London!!.....

Took our chicklets to London to partake in some design culture!! - London Design Festival...started at the V&A (always a pleasure)...
This rather fetching fellow stands guard to the entrance of 'The Power of Making' exhibition (on til 2nd January 2012 at the V&A) - he's made out of hand-twisted wire coat hangers!
"Each element resembles an everyday clothes hanger, but together they accumulate into an image of dramatic power"

Friday, 23 September 2011

Educating Essex

some quotes from last night's episode that made me chuckle.... 
-"What IS py?...where did it come from?"
-"At the end of the day I am going to be the brick wall...I am going to be the brick wall..and what you want to do is on the other side of the brick wall and I'm afraid to say that I am the brick wall and you are not going past"! 
-(teenage boy)"sir I feel like crying for no that normal?" 
(teacher)"errmm...what? at your age?...yeh!" 
Best bit? - a 'Vicky Pollard'-esk moment, and a Designer Beaver toy! 
Educating Essex

Friday, 16 September 2011

London Design Festival 17-25th September

It's the start of this annual 9 day fest....hundreds of events taking place all over London - with the V&A as the hub for the festival and will host specially commissioned installations.

Amanda Levete Architects
It looks like it will be an amazing event....
......fabulous!! London Fashion Week has also started from's all kickin' off!!!
REDDRESS, The Finnish Institute, London(interactive installation!) 

Thursday, 15 September 2011

open house 17-18th September

It's open house this weekend - your chance to take a sneaky peek inside some 700 of the best buildings, places and spaces in London, for free!!
There's also all sorts of events for kids - the Amazing Architecture Activity Cards for kids 7-11 looks fab as does the City of a Thousand Architects at City Hall.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

summer full of stuff!!!

It's been a hectic summer...hence no blog posts for quite a while! I was the arts + crafts teacher for 1 week for PAC (Performing Arts Club) for the second year running which both my two mini mills took part in....the theme this year was "around the world in a scarf and slippers"! We were oversubscribed which was amazing. My classes made the props and costumes for the show which they got to keep - a very hectic week but the children had brilliant fun. Get your kids booked in for next year!!! 1st week of summer hols!!!
Then it was full on holiday clubs and meeting up with long lost friends, painting the spare room and my studio and finally going somewhere very hot! Tenerife!!! The girls had a ball...

...and it was all topped off by my little brother's wedding this weekend just gone - a 3-day event which took most of the summer getting organised and shopped for!!!.....decorating my mum's house ready for saturday's religious ceremonies and mendhi (henna) night, and sunday's arrival of the bride! my new term's resolution is to try and keep this blog updated a bit more regularly, which let's face it, won't be hard to do!!!