Tuesday, 13 September 2011

summer full of stuff!!!

It's been a hectic summer...hence no blog posts for quite a while! I was the arts + crafts teacher for 1 week for PAC (Performing Arts Club) for the second year running which both my two mini mills took part in....the theme this year was "around the world in a scarf and slippers"! We were oversubscribed which was amazing. My classes made the props and costumes for the show which they got to keep - a very hectic week but the children had brilliant fun. Get your kids booked in for next year!!! 1st week of summer hols!!!
Then it was full on holiday clubs and meeting up with long lost friends, painting the spare room and my studio and finally going somewhere very hot! Tenerife!!! The girls had a ball...

...and it was all topped off by my little brother's wedding this weekend just gone - a 3-day event which took most of the summer getting organised and shopped for!!!.....decorating my mum's house ready for saturday's religious ceremonies and mendhi (henna) night, and sunday's arrival of the bride!

 ...so my new term's resolution is to try and keep this blog updated a bit more regularly, which let's face it, won't be hard to do!!!

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  1. Lovely photos Mrs M.
    I look forward to a new term of new posts