Saturday, 20 March 2010

Pamper Night

I had a stall at Westfield's Pamper Night yesterday. It was a lovely atmosphere and the gorgeous fragrances wafting from the therapy rooms almost sent me into a blissful coma! It was very busy, and I did well for my first "pamper night" - thank you to all my friends who came to support me, and some even bought my stuff!!! I had fun with ideas for display - thanks to Mr.Mills for designing the signage - and I loved using green, white and yellow as highlights for a Spring theme. Thanks Mrs.Cheese for the loan of the "lady" - didn't she do well! One customer bought everything I displayed on her!! How much you charging? You've got her well trained!

Here's a bit of pr blurb, and there'll be some more photos on flickr.
The wristwarmers are a welcome addition to jackets, especially first thing in the morning on the school run when it's still a bit chilly but we'd like to banish the winter coat after having to wear it for SO long! 
The knitted ponchos are perfect for our Spring weather when it's warm enough to ditch the winter coat but the girls still need a little something special to feel cosy, especially on the fresh Spring mornings.
The easter eggs make a great table centre piece or in the hallway - and come lovingly packaged in their own egg cartons!
The little posies of 'everlasting' flowers are great for those who kill off any living thing in a pot (me!) and also for areas in the home where nothing will blossom - I have mine in the bathroom as they don't mind whatever the well behaved!
Thanks to the ladies of Westfield who organised a lovely evening.
I'll keep you posted about where I'll be showing next, but in the meantime, if you're interested in anything, please let me know.


  1. Glad it went well and that 'my lady' behaved herself and managed to sell your beautiful things. Can I please reserve a pair of your wristies. I like the light ones or the grey cable ones.
    Thank you xxxxx

  2. Dhroots, this all looks brilliant. Hope it all went well and you didn't shrink any more ponchos! (or is it ponchoes??) Love Mrs Litch! xx

  3. Wristies are lovely and warm, thank you xxxx