Thursday, 1 July 2010

"Focus on... customising clothing"

I've been extremely busy refashioning and customising clothes for children and it's been really rewarding seeing clothes that were once destined for the bin or charity shops evolving into a "new" item, and I haven't left the boys out this year!
I've also expanded my age range depending on what I find, so there is clothing for babies as well as tops up to age 8. Each one is totally unique so no two are the same.

I've continued with my "wing" tops which proved a best seller last year!! So there are more of these, now with detachable wings making the tops machine washable...

New for this Summer are the customised tops for boys and girls...

Girls' refashioned tops using fabric from other clothing and some with print/applique designs, some with trim details like ribbons, fabric inserts, and detachable corsages as well as replacing the buttons with vintage ones...

Boys' tops have been printed with Monsters and Cars! and additional stitching details, and some refashioned tops as well - all new for this summer! (Let's not mention the England football tops I printed!!)

It's been really fun coming up with new ideas to breathe fresh life into once loved items - an exciting way to recycle and customise.
If you have any items of clothing you wish to be upcycled then please just contact me - customised orders are most welcome (look out for a "focus on...customised orders" coming soon) and you'll have a unique and special item made just for you.
On a more serious note, as always, if you have anything you're getting rid of, from clothing to bedding, from ribbons off price tags to odd buttons, then please contact me - it saves items going into landfill and the charity shops from being overloaded - thankyou.

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