Wednesday, 19 May 2010

"focus on...that smells nice!"

Just in case you thought I've been slacking, I thought I'd show you what I've been up to lately and that I have been busy! This lot is ready to be made into fragranced hangers once they've been filled with lavender, and with rose which is new for this summer. Hang them up in the room, in wardrobes, or use in drawers to keep your smalls smelling sweet!
The lavender comes from my mum and mum-in-law's gardens which would have been destined for the compost heap! The rose has been kindly passed on by a florist friend, which would have been binned!
It's been a great way of using up scraps of fabrics, and I like putting together unusual colour/pattern combinations. 
The ribbons I use are also recycled from various sources, mostly from packaging. I save the ribbons from the labels you can get on some clothes, and even from some bags!(Well, the more posher ones!!) So remember me next time you go shopping - don't throw away the ribbons from the tags/bags...pass them onto me! Better than being in a landfill! So you see, actually every component that goes into making these is reused and recycled.
This summer, I've decided not to leave the boys out, so there'll be rocket and star shape filled hangers, and butterflies for the girls.
They make a lovely gift at any time of the year - lavender and rose for spring/summer, christmas spice for, well, christmas! 

I must admit I get completely immune to the smell when I'm sewing them - think my nose completely zones out! But they've proved to be amongst my best sellers - the christmas spice hangers sold out pretty much straight away last year and just one hanger makes a room smell divine! I'll post photos of the finished products soon, so keep checking back...meanwhile, back to more sewing!

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