Friday, 25 March 2011

Pick Me UP - 2nd edition (part 1)

I had the pleasure of Mrs.Cheese's company for a trip to London's beautiful Somerset House yesterday to see this brilliant exhibition again this year. The artists involved in Pick Me Up are a truly talented bunch, and it was nice to chat to them about their work - very inspiring.
Jaguarshoes Collective showcased some artists....these are by Arran Gregory (totem pole at virginia water/screenprint) and print by Marcus Oakley (untitled).
Anthony Burrill had an open studio at this year's show.
Visitors were encouraged to create 'fanzines'....brilliant for kids!!! Here's Mrs.Cheese hard at work and wall of finished 'fanzines'.
More pics to follow....keep checking back!


  1. We went this year too, I took my youngest Sarah who wants to go into illustration and we had a fantastic time, a real feast of creativity!

  2. that's fantastic! it is good isn't it?!X